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UPDATED: Free Photography Classes for Adventure Photographers

Photography courses cover camera and composition fundamentals and are available until the end of April.

By: Jonathan Stull + Save to a List

Update, 4/14/20: Nikon is not the only camera company offering free online education during the pandemic. Leica is currently hosting #StayHomewithLeica, including free conversations with artists and a social media challenge. Olympus is also hosting a stay-at-home program, which may or may not be in German, but most certainly includes a macro tutorial with miniature figurines. Feast yourself.

From reading lists to film festivals to adventure photography contests that you can participate in from your backyard, we’re deepening the well of activities that we can do from the safety of self-isolation. (And there doesn’t seem to be any sign of slowing: Outdoor photographer Erin Sullivan has been setting up a miniature photography studio in her apartment, and it's a great way to practice.)

Photographers out there can add free photography classes from Nikon to the list. For the month of April, head on over to the Nikon School to check out 10 instructional videos in camera fundamentals from photography masters that would otherwise cost you. You’ll have to sign up for a free account to gain access.

A couple of the tutorials are camera-specific and focused on Nikon gear, but the rest are wide open, just like your aperture in low light. Choose from portraits of children and pets, environmental portraiture, macro photography, and, of course, landscape photography. Some tutorials are more technical than others. Most personally instructive was the tutorial on environmental portraiture, which I appreciated for its more casual approach: It simply followed photographer Joey Terrill and his subject through various environments and shoots while he explained his creative decisions, like how he positioned his subject with respect to light, the aesthetics he appreciated in a space, and how and why he chose his compositions.

Find a tutorial to suit your style. There is a wealth of knowledge here. Fledging photographers, take note.

Cover photo of Bonsai Rock by Lisa Bao.

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