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3 Workouts You Can Do Over Your Lunch Break

Think fitness has to be a huge time commitment? Think again.

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Studies have shown that regular movement over the course of a whole day is energetically equivalent to high-intensity workouts followed by long periods of inactivity. You may be busy with work or lacking motivation, and these quick hits are a great way to stay active or jumpstart healthy habits.

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A Lunchtime Yoga Flow (17:14)

This short yoga flow is a great all-around movement sequence to reconnect and open up. Take a few minutes during your regular lunch break, or whenever you choose to step away from work or other responsibilities, to maintain healthy movement. You can also download the full video.

Time Crunch Sweat Session: HIIT Core Training (11:29)

Looking for something a little more intense? This is a quick HIIT session that you can do on a slippery surface with socks or sliders on a carpet. It's a great full body workout that fits into the brief lulls in your schedule. Download the full video if you like.

Instagram Live: Climbers and Boulderers (23:30)

Kirsten joined us once again for week three with a workout focused on climbers and boulderers. Check it out while it lasts, or download it here!

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