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3 Running Routines From Warmup to Cooldown

When many of us go for a run, we just, you know, go for a run. Expand your movement vocabulary with these routines for runners.

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When many of us go for a run, we just run. It’s no surprise that all sorts of other conditions may follow: plantar fasciitis, shin splints, knee pain, and soreness that lasts well into the next few days, especially if you run on pavement.

Running is hard; that’s the idea. But you can cut down on pain and improve your stride by supporting your runs with regular movement that keeps the hips open, activates the full foot, and prepares your body for the strains of a runner’s gait. Kirsten of Aiiro Wellness has three routines to help you do just that.

Like working out with Kirsten? Learn more about what she's up to at Aiirowellness.com and her upcoming book "Struggle Guru." Follow her on Instagram at @klbeverley and @aiirowellness.

Meditation on the Go (3:00)

For those chaotic days when you just need a breather, this short go-to sequence will help you return to your body and ground yourself in the present moment. You can also download the video.

Yoga: Reconnecting the Runner (46:48)

Positioning of the ribs, engagement of the full foot, as well as opening the shins, plantar fascia, and hips are all important parts of preparing the body for an efficient running stride. This comprehensive sequence will help you get there. Download only.

Breath as a Skill (10:41)

Your breath is an extremely useful tool in your fitness toolbox. Wise use helps you create more extension, manage exertion, and it can even help you regulate your emotional state. In this video, Kirsten guides us through some of the breathing skills we can use in running and beyond. Download only.

Instagram Live (21:46)

For the days when you aren’t on the trail or the track, use your time wisely with a routine that will help you build strength and endurance. Check it out on Instagram while it lasts, or find it on Vimeo!

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