I Revisited Adventures from Childhood and It Was Amazing


John Entwistle

Family vacations are fun, but what happens when you return to the same places you visited when you were a child, as an adult!

Sure, family vacations may not have always been the "coolest" thing to do when I was a kid. Ever since I was born, my family would take two weeks out of the summer to go and travel (usually by vehicle) somewhere in North America. Our most frequent location? The Oregon Coast.

We frequented the Oregon Coast so often, that by the time I had hit 15 years old, I was so tired, bored, and fed up with even the idea of going to the Oregon Coast. So, as you can imagine, when I was planning a road trip with my friend Carleigh this past winter for two weeks of road tripping, the Oregon Coast was near the bottom of my list.

But, then I started to think about it... I realized that a lot had changed since my last trip to the Oregon coast. I now had my own car, meaning I could go where I wanted... I had taken up photography, and Oregon is one of the most scenic places in the world... And I was now old enough to drink beer, and beer is cheap in the United States!

So, sure enough, we planned a trip to the Oregon Coast.

Our plan was simple. We would drive as far south on day one as possible, and then slowly make our way back up the coast. It made sense in theory, but also made for a lot of dangerous left turns to get to ocean viewpoints! 

On day one, we made it as far south as Winchester Bay State Park. Here is the very first image I took on the trip: 

Sunset at Winchester Bay State Park

We continued on for 15 days of amazing exploring up the coast. All the way from the northern tip of California, to as far north as Seaside. This is definitely one of the most rugged and beautiful areas I have ever been. As you can imagine, there were no shortage of amazing places and photo opportunities. You have probably had enough of reading by now, so here are a few of my favourite images from some of my favourite spots on the trip!

Harris Beach State Park - Brookings, Oregon

This was my first attempt with night photography in front of the ocean - I was very happy with how it turned out!

Humbug Mountain State Park - Southern Coast

Following Carleigh and her dog Finn through the old growth forrest of Humbug Mountain

Oswald West State Park - Manzanita, Oregon

Sunset at Netarts Bay

We drove an extra 20 minutes to catch this sunset from this vantage point - Totally worth it!

The Entire Highway 101!

Hands down one of my favourite parts was driving the highway on the edge of the continent! Such an amazing road accessing some of the greatest spots on earth!

Needless to say, this was an amazing trip, and I feel as though I totally redeemed all of those childhood memories! As it turns out, my parents knew a thing or two about epic road trips! 

Published: August 31, 2016

John EntwistleStoryteller

Photographer and Adventurer based in Whistler, British Columbia

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