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DMOS Stealth Shovel Review

Strong and portable, the Stealth Shovel is a winter road trip essential

By: Joe Whitson + Save to a List

Anyone used to driving on winter roads knows that treacherous conditions are part of the deal. Icy roads, heavy snow, and white out conditions can put even the most prepared vehicle to the test. At some point everyone ends up somewhere they can’t just drive out of, whether it be a ditch or maybe just a snowed-in parking spot. That's why a shovel lives in my trunk all season long. The DMOS Stealth Shovel is designed for this purpose and has quickly become an essential part of my winter survival kit.

Having used it to dig out my car from in front of my house three times in the last week alone, there are a couple features that I’ve really come to appreciate – its durability and its full-length handle.

This is a strong shovel. Most lightweight shovels tend to be plastic, getting beaten up or broken quickly if you need to use them on anything too tough. The lightweight Stealth Shovel is aircraft-grade aluminum (Alloy 6061), which makes it both strong and corrosion proof. I don’t have to worry about damaging it while using it against ice or hard pack around my tires.

But honestly, having a car shovel with a full-length extendable handle is the best part. If you, like me, learned in your high school winter survival class (other schools had this, right?) to keep a coffee can in the car as a makeshift shovel, let me tell you that it is time to upgrade. The leverage and extra strength the telescoping handle gives you makes what is generally a difficult experience a lot easier.

Its relatively small scoop means this won’t be a replacement for your normal driveway shovel, but for a collapsible, car shovel, you can’t beat the DMOS Stealth

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