Cliffside Salmon Snackers In Iceland

Step up your cheese and crackers game.

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A week into our journey of winding roads and the breathtaking cliffs of Iceland, we had adapted to creative, easy lunches from the back of the Durango. Waterfall backdrops were bonus points. Patagonia Provisions led the charge in this diet, the staple being their smoked salmon that can be eaten from the bag with sporks or added to their Tsampa Soup for the finest meal we’ve seen in days. Here is the set-up from one of our many lunch-capades:

Photo: Greg Balkin

,Salmon stackers:

Photo: Greg Balkin

Think of this as your own personal cheese board buffet, with a rock as your cutting board and a pocket knife as your crate and barrel spreader.

Suggested combos to top your favorite cracker:

  • Cream cheese + salmon + cucumber + thyme
  • Cheddar cheese + salmon + avocado
  • Cheese + cheese + more cheese + avocado
  • Cream cheese + cucumber + radish + rosemary
  • Cream cheese + salmon + avocado

Best served as a competition of who can make the most Instagram-worthy cracker.

Photo: Greg Balkin

Cover photo: Greg Balkin

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