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Spring Skiing: 5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Pack Your Gear Up Yet

It ain't over 'til it's over.

By: Jen Weir + Save to a List

This time of year it’s easy to let our minds run with thoughts of sunshine and the adventures that await as winter transitions to spring and spring to summer. Although warm weather is on the horizon, ski season is far from over. Before you get too caught up in your daydreams and completely shift your attention from the slopes to the trails, you may want to consider postponing the stashing of your winter gear, here's why:

1. Feel-Good Weather

Spring time brings with it warmer weather, which isn’t always good for skiing, but it’s hard to beat those blue skies and sun shining on your face as you carve your way down the mountain. Just remember to pack the SPF and lip balm – goggle-ringed lobster face isn’t really a happening look. This nicer weather also gives you a chance to enjoy a cold one alfresco from the deck of the lodge while you watch the sun lower over those beautiful peaks.

Backcountry Ski at Powder Creek Lodge | Photo: Stephen Matera

2. For the Fun of It

It’s easy to get a little powder greedy earlier in the season. Whether it’s shooting out of bed early enough to be the first one on the lift or pulling the “sorry, dude, I forgot to call” card, we all have our tricks of hogging the good stuff. Once spring hits, it doesn’t really matter anymore – the best snow has already fallen and it's really just about getting outside and having a good time. Rally your crew and head out to make a day of it.

3. Snow for Thought

Even though it’s spring and your yard hasn’t seen snow in weeks, the mountains are still getting hit by occasional fresh snowfall – take advantage! By March, the snow accumulation from the winter should offer a pretty epic base. If it’s early enough, rocks and tree tips shouldn’t be a problem (late spring’s a different story). Lastly, if you’re willing to put in some work and your hill is cool with it, you can bet there are still some untouched snow caches around.

Ski the Aspen Highland Bowl | Photo: Hillary + Matt

4. Perks

While smart people like you will keep your gear out and take advantage of spring skiing, many others will not. This means fewer people on the slopes. What’s better than having a run to yourself? Having the whole mountain! Discounted lift tickets are another potential perk for spring skiers – perfect since you’re saving up for that dream adventure later in the year.

5. It Ain’t over ‘til it’s Over

Thanks to El Nino, this year was a special year, with some places getting slammed and others only seeing a few flakes – the latter being where I live. Thankfully, in Montana, crazy March snowstorms are not unheard of, which means our gear is not hitting storage until the mountains are closed for the season. Even if you’ve been one of the lucky ones to have powder for days, who wants to be the schmuck who misses out just because you were overeager to stow your gear -- one epic day is totally worth waiting for.

Ski and Snowboard Whitefish Mountain Resort | Photo: Noah Couser

Cover photo: Stephen Matera

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