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SpotX 2-Way Satellite Messenger Review

A great way of communicating while in the middle of no where

By: Jared Beeler + Save to a List

The new SpotX has many features that are easy to use and great to have for any kind of trip you are going on. Whether you are backpacking 1000 miles, occasionally day hiking, or even just going on a road trip, the new SpotX is an essential companion to bring along. 

The SpotX includes an array of features that help you communicate: a built-in keyboard, custom text messaging, posting to social media, predefined text messages, a check-in button, an automatic tracking feature, and the well-known S.O.S. button. 

The built-in keyboard is extremely useful for typing in phone numbers and typing the custom messages. The buttons are easy to press, especially when your fingers are cold and moving slowly.

The custom text messaging feature is a great tool to use for friends and family to let them know you are safe or if you have a change in plans and need to tell them about it. The 2-way text messaging function is also a great tool so your family and friends can communicate back or initiate a conversation. Just a few weeks ago, I was backpacking in Colorado and there was an apparent storm moving in, so I used my SpotX to communicate with my father. He used the two way messaging and was able to tell me exactly where the storm was and when it would hit our location. 

The predefined text messaging is a great tool for easy conversations such as "making camp here for the night" or "starting my hike now will be in touch soon". 

The Check-In function is one of my favorite to use because of how useful it is and how simple it is to use; it will send your exact location to whoever you preprogram the device to send it to. 

Automatic tracking is one of the best features for backpacking or doing a long day hike. After you start tracking, all you have to do is clip the SpotX to your pack and it will send your location to however many people you have preprogrammed it with. It can send your location out at 2.5, 5, 10, 30, or 60-minute intervals.

Another feature unique to the SpotX is the ability to post to social media and attach your location. You can make trip updates and post your location using the device. 

The S.O.S. feature is one I hope you never have to use, but it is great for peace of mind to have with me. This feature is used to alert all local and appropriate authorities to your location, using GPS, and they will send help in any form that you need. Because this feature acts like a beacon for police and other rescue services, it is only to be used in life threatening situations. The SpotX even has a few safety measures so you do not hit the button by accident.

The price of the SpotX is also a big selling point. At only $250 it makes it affordable compared to the 5-$800 competitors, and you can pick it up online or at local retailers.

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