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The Redemption Trip

Cancún Take 2

In March, I took a trip to the city of Cancún in pursuit of warmer weather, the ocean, and prettier places to take photos – especially with my drone. Unfortunately, it rained the entire time and I was only able to take one photo.

187 days later, I boarded another plane, to the same location, with the same goals. However, this time, I accomplished those goals.

I won’t go into all the details of the trip because it would be long and boring, and also you can watch videos of each day on my YouTube page. What you need to know is that this was the opposite of the first trip in almost every way. There was beautiful weather for the few days that I was down there, and I was able to spend some time with the ocean. Along with a couple friends, I rented an Airbnb that overlooked the beach. 

We spent every day on that beach, in that ocean, or by that pool. All in all redeeming my last trip down to this beautiful part of Mexico. 

Oh yeah, and I got that drone shot I wanted.

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