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More Than a Fly Fishing Shirt

The Guide Shirt from Eddie Bauer is ready to go on the river, in the office, and out for date night.

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Presented by Eddie Bauer

Eddie Bauer is a storied staple in the industry of outdoor apparel and gear. So I was pretty hyped when I got my Long-sleeved Guide Shirt in the mail. What I was not expecting was how versatile this shirt would be.  

Photo: Jahmicah Dawes

Super versatile

The light weight was to be expected as I find in most of my fishing shirts. Where the “Guide L/S Shirt” really led out was its versatility of how it could be styled. From the water, to the office, and stepping out on date night. The stretch of the shirt wasn't overly done and allowed ease of movement and recovered well back to its original shape.

Photo: Jahmicah Dawes

Stays dry

My first time wearing the shirt was on a guided trip. The humidity alone was proving to be difficult but in the middle of the trip the sky opened up and then the hail started pelting the water right as we made it safely to the dock. Within the hour, filled with putting the boat away and shooting the breeze under the boat port, it was nearly dry.

Photo: Jahmicah Dawes


I really enjoyed the breathability of this shirt from the vents. I appreciated how the vents were large enough to be effective but not too large where it made the shirt sag and look frumpy. And, the hidden pockets looked good even when in use and did not cause that baggy look. The attention to detail with the eye cleaner cloth proved very handy both on the water when I was sight casting, and at work when reading reports.

Photo: Jahmicah Dawes

Overall this shirt really impressed me with its performance. It impressed my wife when dressing it up and it impressed the bank account with it being an approachable price-point.

Cover photo: Jahmicah Dawes

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