Hike the David Scott Trail

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Hike this Northeastern gem!

An old trekking route and one of the most popular trekking routes in Meghalaya, David Scott Trail Shillong has been named after David Scott, a British office. The officer discovered this route in the first half of 1800s in the form of a mule track for travelling from Assam to Bangladesh. This route spread in over 100 km and takes around 5 days to get covered, on-foot. This trail route is separated into smaller trekking routes and the trail between Mawphlang and Lad Mawphlang, is the most famous one. This route covers the lovely terrain of Eastern Khasi Hills.

This 1-day route in David Scott Trail expands up to 16 km and can be covered in 4 hours. The whole trek is showered with mesmerizing natural wonders: flowing waterfalls, crystal clear streams, small Khasi villages, scenic valleys, lush forests and expansive meadows. 

Hire a guide, for <$50 per day, from Mawphlang Village to find these local secret. As this is a point-to-point trip, your guide will arrange drop-off at the trailhead (located fairly inconspicuously on the side of the highway, easy to miss) and pickup at the rural village near the end of the trail. 

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