Stay Overnight and Photograph Sunset, Night, and Sunrise on the Stokksnes Peninsula

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Stay overnight and photograph the iconic Vesturhorn while your companion has the option to hike and explore the area.

Easily accessed of the Ring Road just East of Höfn, Iceland, this spot offers photographers endless opportunities. While likely to encounter other photographers during the golden and blue hours surround sunrise and sunset, it is still a rewarding place to visit - and the photography crowd clears out pretty quickly leaving you to yourself and a beautiful location.

If coming from the west, the road to get onto the Stokksnes peninsula branches off the ring road just before a tunnel through the mountain (several miles east of Höfn). The coordinates for where the road branches off the Ring Road are: (64.283109, -15.049132).

As with the rest of Iceland, the weather can change near instantly; and as such, one should (probably already) have the appropriate clothing to accomodate..

Visitors should be aware that a man who runs a coffee shop will try to charge people admission to go onto the peninsula. His charging of 800 ISK per day per person (which is about $6.32 USD as of March, 2016) is controversial according to locals. My recommendation is to save the hassle and pay.

Accomodation options to stay overnight:1) Camping with a tent: not ideal. difficult conditions to anchor a tent against coastal winds.2) Sleeping in a camper: Probably the best option to get around Iceland. There are several companies operating in or around Reykjavik that rent small campers. While there won't be any off-roading with these, they eliminate the need for a hotel and give you the ability to experience much more of Iceland. On the peninsula overlooking Vesturhorn, there is ample parking area.3) There are several hostels in and around Höfn. This would be the most comfortable and still allows one to stay near Vesturhorn, ready to arm the camera should the northern lights appear.

Sunset and sunrise will draw the crowds of photographers but they quickly leave after the golden and blue hours - leaving one in solitude among one of the most beautiful black-sand beaches in the world.

Lastly, should your companion want to hike around the the peninsula or bay, be sure he or she is aware of the photographers and attempts to not walk into shots. Many photographers only visit the area once around sunrise or sunset and will value every second there.

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