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The 4 Favorite Road Trip Games from Our Superb Skiing Trip to Montana

Montucky Moments

By: Holly Mandarich + Save to a List

On our recent ski-cation to Montana we found ourselves occupying the hours that we were driving and recouping - being involved heavily in game play. While the skiing was superb up in Red Lodge and Whitefish, we needed to stay stimulated in the off time. Below i’ve highlighted our favorite games, with explanations best as possible (with links to more in depth directions). Next time you have a long drive with humans, remember these to kill time. Oh also, browse the photos from our magnificent time in Montucky. See some photos below and all photos here. 

GOT IT - Played with 3+ people

This is a purely verbal game. 

  1. To start the game, 2 humans think of a word, one of them says the phrase “got it” and waits for another human to respond in the same manner with “got it,” once this happens both humans then count to three and say their word at the same time. In our example we’re going to use the words “breakfast” and “pie.”
  2. A soon as both words are said by the two initial humans, the game is open and fair play for anyone. The goal here is that you’ll want to come up with a word that is associated with the two previous words spoken. So in our example: “breakfast” and “pie” one might associate the word “delicious.” In the event you come up with a word that is related to both words previously spoken, you say “got it” and wait for another human to join in your response with, “got it” and then again counting to three you both say your word.
  3. The goal and objective of “got it” is to end up saying the same word. 

I’m thinking this game may be made up because I cant find directions for it anywhere on the inter webs, but it is a fantastic game, as I am highly recommending. 

CONTACT - Played with 3+ people

This is a purely verbal game. 

  1. One human starts the game by picking a word, the word the human keeps to themselves. The start of the game happens when the human in charge of selecting the word tells everyone the first letter of the word. In our example the word is going to be BEER.
  2. The objective of the game is to guess the word, however you can find out what the next letter in the word is by doing the following.
  3. The rest of the humans in the room will begin to think of words that start with the letter B. The humans cannot immediately shout out B letter words, rather they have to be clever about the B words they think of. Once you think of a B word, you will want to reference the word by saying something along the following: “Is it a human that studies the science of chemical processing.” If another human in the room thinks they know the B word you’re talking about they should out “CONTACT” in this event you will both count down from three and say your B word of “Biochemist” at the same time. This gains you the second letter to the initial word BEER. However if the human who is in charge of the word you are guessing for figures out the B word you are trying to associate they may jump in and say “No it is not a biochemist” and therefore you must keep trying. 
  4. In the event that you do get the next letter, the same rules from three will apply - although you will be guessing words that now start with BE instead of just B.
  5. Once the word is guessed the game is over. More detailed rules found here. 

CROSS WORD PUZZLES - Played with 2+ people

*Manager of writing in the letters, should not be operating a vehical. Pen required. 

We found ourselves out to breakfast one morning and picked the local paper in Bozeman, next thing ya know we’re deep in the crossword puzzle mindset. We spent the next three days trying to figure out all the answers while driving (driver of course not writing in the letters) and asking random humans. One guy in the grocery store helped us figure out a word, and another from a guy in a gas station, it really keeps things interesting and everyone alert on their toes. Plus it’s a great excuse to talk to strangers! Because we all need excuses to talk to strangers.  

FISH BOWL - Played with 6+ people

*Not to be played whilst operating a vehical. Pen and paper required.

This is the game of all game, especially with the bonus 4th round. The game is started by handing everyone three small pieces of paper, and writing down a person, place or thing on the articles of paper. All the pieces of paper are collected and then put into a bowl, aka the “fish bowl.” The humans then divide up into two teams, each team gets one minute to guess as many articles as they can from the pieces of paper in the bowl, with one person representing the team in each turn until the round is ended when the all the pieces of paper are guessed. The members of the teams turn are the only ones allowed to guess in the turn. Make sure to keep score for each team, one point is awarded to each paper guessed.

  1. Round One: Is essentially catch phrase, you say anything except what is written on your piece of paper. 
  1. Round Two: Charades, acting without words.
  1. Round Three: One word. You get to say one word to reference what is written on your piece of paper, again, you are not allowed to use any words that are written on your piece of paper. If you say “um” thats your word!
  2. BONUS ROUND 4: Same concept of round three, except instead of using one word, you go into the kitchen and take one item from the kitchen to represent the word. You are allowed to use the item by placing it on another human. More detailed directions can be found here.

We want to acknowledge and thank the past, present, and future generations of all Native Nations and Indigenous Peoples whose ancestral lands we travel, explore, and play on. Always practice Leave No Trace ethics on your adventures and follow local regulations. Please explore responsibly!

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