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A Workshop for Adventure Photographers + Storytellers

An online workshop for the storyteller + adventure photographer, that’s ready to define their niche, perfect their craft and attract their dream clientele.

By: Holly Mandarich + Save to a List

Hello fellow Outbound readers, adventurers and explorers!

I am writing to you today, to share back about my journey - which ironically enough started with this platform. Posting on The Outbound helped launch and jumpstart my career as an adventure storyteller

Before I get too far into talking about the workshop, I want you to know why I believe that storytelling is so fundamental. Storytelling is what bridges the gap between “just a nice photo” and a photo that makes you feel something. It brings back the human emotion, the relatability, the attainability and the human experience of a moment. Storytelling is what builds trust and foundational relationships. It’s what gets you recognized, and it’s what converts sales. So today - I want to share with you a bit about my story and how I got to where I am.

[Enrollment for the workshop is currently OPEN, doors to join close September 1st!]

In theory I had the “dream job” I was the first full on designer hire, working on 5 figure websites, creating custom brands, and managing several retainer clients for the company, I felt full-filled in my accomplishments, received praise, and was helping others TELL THEIR STORY through marketing materials. I even had “powder days” where if it snowed more than 6 inches, our whole team was out skiing till noon. PAID! But something was missing. First and foremost, I was capped at making an underpaid salary with no health benefits, the debt started to pile up for health insurance, and after 2 years I started to get antsy, and after 4 years I knew that no matter how much bigger and better I wanted to grow, I couldn’t do it at this company, they fit into a box, and I wanted to fly free. 

I wanted to push the creative boundaries, and grow bigger. Before reaching the point of quitting, I started to lean into what “felt good” - and at the time what felt good was hiking 13 thousand foot mountains on the weekends with my lady friends, while throwing our skis on our back with the potential to ski a chute in late June - all while photographing the whole thing. 

I started documenting the moments that encompassed true joy, the mishaps, and the in-between stuff of the journey to the destination. I started to share these moments (on The Outbound), and people started to notice.

Time and time again, I got the feedback that people could feel my photos, they would read my story recaps and recreate them. They would experience the joy, that I experienced in the moment quite literally.

And thats when it clicked for me, I could find that spark of crazy human connection that I craved from journalism, be creative in my photography storytelling, and be outside on adventures, all while getting paid! For me, it became all about creating authentic stories with photos and words - where people could relate to what they were digesting in their content. It became about the human emotion, the human experience and connection.

Before quitting my job, I started having people reach out to ME, for paid adventure opportunities and more.

I realized that settling was never an option, and that what I felt in my gut was that I was here to share the stories and joy of others with the world. Because what’s better than being alive.

With all that being said, it's time I share with you how I made this happen.

Read about our adventure to Baja, on The Outbound ->

This workshop will transform your photography game and transform the way you communicate with your audience!

It will have you crafting stories and content that connects + pulls on the heart strings of the human experience, so that your audience + your clients audiences, feel connected and inspired to the photos and stories you create! Leaving you with built trust and foundational relationships. A recipe that will no doubt, have you living the life of adventure and freedom that you desire.

In The Storyteller Workshop, we focus on 3 main areas:

- Defining Your Niche + Your Why in the Outdoor Adventure Industry

- Perfecting Your Craft of Storytelling + Photography

- Marketing + Promoting Yourself Accordingly so clients start finding YOU!

If you're interested in learning more, or joining us click here! I can't wait to welcome you into this workshop!

Enrollment is currently open, doors to join close September 1st!


◊ Finds themselves in the adventure, travel, or outdoor industry’s.

◊ Is a Photographer, Blogger, Influencer or other type of Visual Storyteller

◊ Wishes to up their storytelling game with photography while making a business out of it (getting paid to document adventures, say what??? Holla!)

◊ Wants to document authentic stories of travel, adventure and more!

◊ Values the power of visual storytelling.

◊ Wishes to dive deeper into the human connection that is facilitated in content creation.

◊ Wants a refresher on the basics and new perspectives on how the medium of photography and storytelling work. 

◊ Wants to give meaning to their work.

◊ Knows the power of their skillset, and needs support in marketing it.

◊ Enjoys taking photos of their adventures and travels, but wants to turn that into something more.

◊ Is looking for tools and a course to empower their own storytelling skills, while defining their personal niche in the industry.

◊ Wants to create content that speaks to real people + creates authentic connections.

◊ Feels stagnant in their content, and is hoping to open up their perspective to a different way of thinking.

◊ Values the human connection that visual content can provide, but wants more insight on how to cultivate it.

◊ Values the power of telling the WHOLE story.

Oh hi! It's me! I can't wait to welcome you into this workshop! Doors for enrollment close September 1st!

We want to acknowledge and thank the past, present, and future generations of all Native Nations and Indigenous Peoples whose ancestral lands we travel, explore, and play on. Always practice Leave No Trace ethics on your adventures and follow local regulations. Please explore responsibly!

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