A Fall Harvest Festival, Ridgeline Hiking and an Unimaginable Color Tour


Holly Mandarich

Vinotok Weekend, Crested Butte

We spent yet another weekend in the beautiful land of Crested Butte. Vinotok is a fall harvest festival that happens every year in Crested Butte with lots of metaphors for it's meaning, it originates from a pagan tradition but also is practiced to bring in a plentiful winter of snow. 

The weekend was spent hiking Scarp Ridge - socked in and out amongst the clouds, followed by the fire burning rituals of Vinotok in the evening and a drive back through the most unavailable fall colors we've ever seen.

Take a look and explore the feelings we got from our seemingly unreal fall weekend in Crested Butte.

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Waking up at our campsite off of Slate River Rd. (Forest Service Road No. 734)

Our drive into town from camp to snag breakfast before the hike. We spotted 5 moose and 3 coyotes, not to mention some cows as well.

Our hike at Scarp Ridge.

Dinking around in town.

The Vinotok Festivities ...

The drive out via Kebler Pass...

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Published: November 6, 2017

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