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Review: Meet the Danner Mountain 600

By: Hatie Parmeter + Save to a List

I tested the Danner Mountain 600 and found my new favorite all-around hiking boot.

The Danner Mountain 600

A person in jeans, hiking boots, a jacket, and a wide-brim hat is standing in front of a green building. They're loading logs into their arms from a black sled.
The Danner Mountain 600 Women's in full grain chocolate chip/golden oak.

Testing environment

I live in Central Wisconsin, where we gained 8 inches of snow (on top of the 10 we had) between the time the boots shipped and when they landed at my door. 

These boots are not technically "winter boots." However, they keep my feet warm enough that I've worn them walking the dogs, bringing in firewood, collecting eggs, to town, running errands, and hiking - all in 20-degree Fahrenheit weather.

I tested the boots on layers of ice over a frozen gravel road and on hard, crunchy snow. I wore them while caring for chickens on fresh and frozen straw and while maneuvering an unsteady pallet flooring to stack and collect firewood. I donned the Danners while carefully stepping on slippery wood floor and even mimed walking on my yurt ceiling - just for kicks.

For reference, I am 5-foot-eight, 145 lbs, and wear a size eight regular-width woman's shoe, and these boots fit true to size!

Fit and features

When the FedEx delivery person handed me the Danner shipping box, I double-checked the sender label because I was shocked at how little it weighed. I recently had to upgrade from a 15+-year-old pair of hiking boots that weighed several pounds (per boot) and my, has footwear technology changed!

The Danner Mountain 600 fit perfectly right out of the box. They're thick enough for comfort (and some warmth!) but not bulky. They feel cushioned from the sole and sides but not so thick you kick yourself a little as you walk - know what I mean?

The Vibram SPE Midsole is incredibly comfortable. The cushioning offers excellent support and rebound. They felt great while carrying heavy wood into the yurt to fuel the wood stove and held up while standing around staring at baby chicks at the local farm store (happy chick season to all who celebrate!).

I love the width of these boots. They provide plenty of room for thick wool socks without requiring me to order half a size up. That's fantastic for colder weather, and enjoying the wicking capabilities of good socks once the temps heat up.

The full-grain leather upper looks classic and holds up well against sticks, scratches, and tough terrain.

While the boots can handle rugged environments, I am definitely not reserving them just for the trail. The first thing my neighbor said when she saw them was, "Those are sexy!" We are woods-people. We love gear that wears well and lasts forever. Gotta love checking those boxes and looking good all at the same time!

The boots dried quickly on their own and even faster next to the wood stove thanks to the Danner Dry waterproof breathable lining. The boot exteriors have been wet every time I've gone outside due to the snow/slush/melt, but I have never felt moisture inside the shoe so long as I didn't traipse through anything higher than the boot tops.

The Vibram Fuga Outsole with Megagrip technology gave me great traction when I walked my dogs around our wooded property, even over the icy, snow-covered wooden bridge. While I wouldn't wear them after a really big snow day (they're not quite tall enough for Wisconsin winters), I will wear them after lighter snows and look forward to testing them after some rain when the ground gets slick.

I was surprised the boots didn't have the little loop at the back to slip your finger into to help pull them on, but they don't even need it. They slide on easily.

A person wearing jeans and hiking boots with orange laces is seated in front of a cast iron wood stove.
The Danner Mountain 600 Women's in full grain chocolate chip/golden oak.

    TLDR: Too long didn't read

    The Danner Mountain 600 have:
    - Awesome grip
    - Sexy style
    - Comfortable cushioning
    - Quick-drying liner materials
    - Tough leather exteriors

    These boots are excellent for hiking, walking, and all-around casual use. I know they'll last for years and I'm excited to keep them in my regular footwear rotation.

    We want to acknowledge and thank the past, present, and future generations of all Native Nations and Indigenous Peoples whose ancestral lands we travel, explore, and play on. Always practice Leave No Trace ethics on your adventures and follow local regulations. Please explore responsibly!

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