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Review: Outdoor Research Men's Astroman Sun Hoodie

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I tested this Outdoor Research Astroman Sun Hoodie in many of the hottest, sunniest locations in the United States: the deserts of Colorado, Moab, Zion, and Las Vegas. I wore it on long, hot approaches and through intermittent cloudy weather. Above all else, the Astroman is a versatile, lightweight sun hoodie that performs well in almost all sunny conditions.



I tested the Astroman in a variety of hot, windy, and sometimes chilly conditions. One of the overarching themes that I found with this piece was its ability to move fluidly between different environments and weather conditions.

On the approach to climbs, it did a great job protecting my skin and keeping me out of the sun. Combined with a lightweight and breathable fabric, the Astroman also helped to ventilate and not cause an uncomfortable amount of convective heating.

While climbing in Red Rocks outside of Las Vegas, the most comfortable climbing conditions are often found in the shade. Thus, I often wore the sun hoodie on a hot, sunny approach, but ended up climbing in the shade with a breeze. Other sun hoodies have left me a little chilly in this scenario, but the Astroman cuts just enough of the breeze and provides just enough insulation to still be very comfortable.


First thing – the Astroman is comfy. When I first got it, before I had the chance to really test it outside, I would just lounge in it around the house. The 84% nylon/16% spandex blend makes it comfortable to wear over a light shirt and comfortable to wear next to skin. I am 5’ 10” and 165 pounds and the medium fits me perfectly.


I think one of the Astroman’s most differentiating features is its non-synthetic or stretchy look. Many other sun hoodies look like… sun hoodies. By definition, a sun hoodie is intended to cover as much skin as possible, and stretchy material accomplishes that goal very well. Unfortunately, this can tend to make sun hoodies look goofy and oversized. The Astroman does have to contend with that. This piece has a slightly higher nylon content, meaning that is loses a slight bit of stretch, but it ends up looking much more similar to a softshell than a sun hoodie.


Sun hoodies generally do not have many features – but the Astroman does a lot with a little. First, the hood is articulated very well. When worn with a helmet, the neckline doesn’t cinch up and feel constricting, and when it is worn without a helmet, it doesn’t feel baggy and loose.

The breast pocket on the Astroman is probably my favorite feature. When I’m climbing in a sun hoody, I’m probably not wearing a layer over the sun hoody. Thus, the sun hoodies acts as the outer layer. Usually, this means that I don’t have a pocket, and, therefore, don’t have anywhere to put a phone, snack, or chapstick. The Astroman solves this problem perfectly with a nice-sized breast pocket.

Last, the hems and cuffs have a really nice mixture of stretch and firmness. Both cuffs and the waist feel like they fit snugly and won’t stretch over time, but they also don’t feel like they’re tight or restricting.


The Astroman is incredibly light, as you would expect. Its reported weight is 5.7 ounces and it packs down into its own breast pocket down to the size of a softball. Unfortunately, it does not come with a clippable loop for attachment to a harness or backpack.


A major gripe that I have with many sun hoodies is their durability. By nature of being a light, breathable fabric, they often are lacking in the durability department. The Astroman pleasantly blends breathability and durability into one garment that feels solid. I wore this hoodie up several difference chimneys and offwidths, and I have yet to find any holes.

Friendliness to the Earth

Unsurprisingly, specific information about the eco-friendly stance of Outdoor Research is somewhat hard to come by. That being said, they are a member of the Conservation Alliance – a group of “like-mind companies that disburses its collective annual membership dues to grassroots environmental organizations.

The Final Word

The Outdoor Research Astroman Hoodie is a fantastic addition to your warm-weather quiver. It protects from the sun, shields from the wind, and stores loose items, all in a sub-6-ounce package. If you’re looking for an all-around sun hoodie, look no further.

This review was originally posted on DirtbagDreams.com.

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