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Review: BioLite HeadLamp 330

There are a few pieces of gear that you need to take with you on any adventure, and a headlamp is always towards the top of my list.

By: Harry McSween + Save to a List

I’ve spent a few months (quarantined and all) with the Biolite 330 headlamp, and it delivers a lot of features in a small and very eco-friendly package!


I love running. I run almost every day. I was training to run an ultra marathon in the Spring, but it got canceled so I’m hoping to do one this fall (I’m open to suggestions if you have a favorite, comment below!). BUT there is one big issue with my love of running – I love my family more than I love running. When I get home from work I want to hang out with my 3 ankle-biters and my wife. So when do I go running? Between a full-time job, my wife and I owning a photography business, and 3 kids that need constant wrestling, the only time to run is when everyone else is asleep. And that’s where this little (and I do mean little) beauty of a headlamp comes in.


10 out of 10, no questions asked, hands down the comfiest headlamp to run in! The headband adjusts easily to fit any size noggin, but most of all it’s just super soft and comfy. The light housing is so thin (less than 1cm) that it feels more like a sweatband than a typical headlamp. All this comfort does come at a price though; because the wire that connects the front and back of the headlamp is embedded into the headband you can’t take it apart to wash it. Mine has started getting a little funky the more I run in it.


I’ve said this in reviews before, but I don’t think I can speak much to style, having none to speak of myself. That being said, I like the color for being easy to find in a pack or tent. I don’t think it looks as sleek or cool as most modern headlamps, but it’s a headlamp so who’s going to see what it looks like anyways?


This headlamp has everything it needs and nothing it doesn’t. The power button can lock so you don’t accidentally turn it on, it’s rechargeable and has good battery life, it has multiple light settings. Never while using the Biolite 330 have I thought, “I wish it had…”


The Biolite 330 is very packable. It’s not the lightest headlamp on the market, and it’s definitely not the heaviest. It weighs just under 2.5 ounces, so it’s not breaking anybody’s back. For extended trips it’s nice to not have to bring extra batteries, but you will need to have a charging brick or solar panel to recharge it for longer expeditions.


I think this headlamp shines (pun intended) as a running headlamp. It’s greatest strengths are the fact that it is rechargeable and the balanced fit it has regardless of the activity you are doing. There are headlamps with better battery life and brighter beams, but this is the most comfortable running headlamp on the market. I would not bring this headlamp on every trip I go on, but I wouldn’t bring any other headlamp on a run with me either. One thing that I do hold against the Biolite 330 is its power button. It’s just too small. I know it has to be small because the light element on the front is ridiculously thin, but I just want a bigger button.


I haven’t had any issues with durability. As I mentioned above, I’m a bit skeptical about how stinky the headband will get over time and what the best way to wash it will be. Also, the adjustable housing for the actual light seems like it could be more heavy-duty. And at some point, I think the button is going to give out. But for all my doubts I haven’t had anything go wrong with the Biolite 330 in my couple of months with it.

Friendliness to the Earth

If you weren’t sold on the Biolite 330 as your next headlamp then this should seal the deal. Biolite is leading the industry in clean energy and use of renewable resources, and they are helping people around the globe to live healthier and fuller lives. In 2019 alone they impacted 797,242 people in sub-Saharan Africa by offsetting 307,053 tonnes of CO2 and generating 897,649,223 watt hours of electricity through safe cooking, lighting, and charging.

The Final Word

If you want the comfiest, most well-balanced, most eco-friendly headlamp on the market that still packs some power all at a fair cost, then the Biolite 330 is for you. And if you are not that person then I don’t know what to tell you. You may have to be a little careful with some of the materials that don’t seem quite as robust, but as long as you’re not torturing your gear for fun I think this little lamp will last you through many, many recharges to come.

This review was originally posted on DirtbagDreams.com.
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