Hike Palasip Qaqqaa in Sisimiut

6.2 Miles Round Trip - 1542 ft gain - Out-and-Back Trail

Palasip Qaqqaa - Search Nearby - Added by Christine Connell

Climb a mountain in Greenland with an actual trail! If you've ever been to Greenland, you'll understand the excitement.

Palasip Qaqqaa is a fairly easy (by Greenlandic standards) hike to a beautiful summit view of Sisimiut.  It is easily accessible - you can walk to the trailhead from the airport or from town - and the hike only takes a few hours.  Quick disclaimer - the trail isn't exactly easy to follow (or there, for that matter...).  I know I certainly lost my way a few times, but it's not a big deal because you can look at the mountain and get the general idea of where to go to make it to the top.  This is one of the easier hikes in Greenland, so if you'll looking for a safer hike that you don't necessarily need a guide for, this is a great option!

Make sure you  have sturdy hiking boots.  There are areas with loose rock and there are some sections with ropes.

Palasip Qaqqaa Coordinates: 66°57′55″N 53°43′20″W




6.2 Miles
1542 ft elevation gain
Out-and-Back Trail


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