Camp on the Greenland Ice Cap

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Camping on Greenland's Ice Cap...need I say more?

There are few camping spots more unique than Greenland's ice sheet.  To do this, fly into Kangerlussaq and enter the ice sheet at Point 660.  You will need a map and compass (with very good directional skills) or you can go on a guided tour.  Please keep in mind that Greenland is a very remote country, and you should not expect a quick rescue if you get lost or hurt hiking alone. Do not attempt to get to the ice cap on your own unless you are a very experienced hiker.

If you'd prefer to go on a guided tour, you can go with a company like Greenland Tours, World of Greenland Arctic Circle, or Arctic Adventure.  These companies will make sure you are prepared and have all of the right gear.

Once you're on the ice cap, set up your tent and enjoy the serenity!  It's a once in a lifetime experience.  Try hiking around the ice cap and you'll be rewarded with crystal clear blue lakes, rivers, and ice formations like you've never seen! 

If you go on this adventure, please remember to respect this pristine environment and leave no trace.




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