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Hike to Seitan Limania Beach

Chania, Greece



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Added by Andreas Brokalakis

A short hike to an amazing mediterranean beach

Seitan Limania is one tiny secluded beach with turquoise waters surrounded by an amazing landscape. Until recently, almost nobody knew it and even fewer people visited it - most of them with boats. But with the rising of social media, this small paradise became one of the most photographed and sought after prizes to post in the popular media accounts and therefore now, literally thousands of people visit it.

Being a really small beach surrounded by huge rocks, visiting in summer in my opinion is a total "no". The beach will be hugely crowded with people trying to get the better selfie and voices and sounds echo so much in the small canyon that it is going to be an unpleasant experience.

Therefore, I suggest that you visit the place in early spring (until the beginning of May) and late autumn. A winter hike is also going to be majestic but you should be really careful and avoid it if there is rain because it may get slippery. If you have a local with you that is quite familiar with the territory, another option is to visit it late in the afternoon and enjoy a dive with the moonlight (however remember that this involves considerable risks of hiking an exposed trail with flashlights and should definitely be avoided unless you are an experienced hiker in proper physical condition and have someone local with you).

To get to Seitan Limania beach, you need to drive from Chania to Chordaki village (22km drive) and from there take a rather small road of about two kilometers to the parking spot above the beach. The road is now paved because of the fame and popularity of the beach, so any car can travel it. Be careful though, as the road is small and very steep. During a summer there is a bus service and also taxis can take you there. Being a local I have never used these services though and I cannot comment on any details about using them.

Once you get to the parking spot there is a seemingly dirt on the left, however this is to be avoided as it wont lead to the beach and you will have to carry equipment for large rappels if you go that way. Instead there is a clear trail up front from the parking (it starts from a small church stand) that after approximately 1km and about 20mins will take you to the beach. The trail is not difficult, but it is rather exposed, quite narrow and in certain places may be slippery. Therefore you may need to use your hands to grip on the rocks.

It is not advisable in my opinion, it is obligatory, to wear at least sneakers or hiking shoes to hike the trail. A lot of people, especially tourists, think that because it is a beach and it is so popular, the trail can be crossed with flip-flops, which is a major mistake. This has lead a lot of people to get hurt (worst case) or get scared and return back without reaching the beach (best case). So be well prepared.

Additionally, despite being a popular beach, there are absolutely no facilities in the beach and therefore you should carry snacks and water. You are highly advised not to carry too many things, as they will make your life harder on the trail.

As mentioned above, the trail is not hard. However, because is rather steep and exposed you should be careful if you have children with you. They are going to have a lot of fun, but I would not suggest it if they are too young (less than say 6-7 years old).

The photos that I am posting are from multiple visits to the place in times when not so many (if any) people are around. As I mentioned above this is not going to be the case if you decide to go in summer time.

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