Liesjärvi National Park

Rate this Adventure 15.5 miles  - Out-and-Back Trail

Added by Mikael Ahlfors

Nice place for family hike just one hour from Helsinki. Follow well marked paths in beautiful forrest. Spend a day at Korteniemi Heritage Farm to find out how people used to live in rural Finland. You can also head off along the old crofters' paths to explore the surrounding scenic forests and lakes.

Multiple loop routes and out-and-back options varying from 3 kilometer to up to 20-25 kilometers. Part of Häme Ilves-path which can be extended to over 200 kilometers.

Paths are well marked and easy to travel and elevation is moderate. Wouldn't recommend water for drinking but there are few places along the way where you can refill yourself: either at Häme Nature Center or dwell in southern part. Places to camp and BBQ with dry toilets to make your hike as easy as possible.

We were only there for one day doing a somewhat loop route starting from Kopinlahti and heading north through narrow width of land between two lakes.

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