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How I Turned My Jeep into a Camper

I built a sleeping platform in the back of my Jeep so I can finally take that road trip without making hotel reservations.

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If there are any of you that want to explore and maybe take a road trip but do not want to worry about making hotel reservations or pitching a tent, this might be for you. I built a removable bed in my Jeep for under $100. Every make/model of car is different, and so will your build!

Step 1. I removed and folded down the back seats to make the back as flat as possible.

Step 2. I went to the local hardware store and bought a 4x8 piece of 3/4" plywood and two 2x4s. I also needed screws, T-hinges, and a circular saw for this build. I cut the plywood in half then cut one of the halves so that it would fit in the back and have my back seats up at the same time. I cut the 2x4s in 11" pieces to use as the legs.

Step 3. I cut the second half of the plywood to fit in the back to make the entire thing almost 6 feet in length. I used the other 2x4s as the legs and put hinges on them so they fold up when the bed is not in use. The second board slides out and rests on a 'ledge' I screwed on the first board. When the legs are folded, the second part of the platform can be slid back on the first part and the back seats can be used. 

Step 4. Enjoy! I used a sleeping pad and some old comforters as bedding. I plan on putting carpet over the wood to make it more comfortable. I really wanted something that was easy to put away and take out of my vehicle if I needed it to be out. There is still so much storage space under the platform and between the front and back seats which was why I made this, to have somewhere to sleep and have enough space for all my gear. Next step is to use it! 

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