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I had wanted to visit 'false kiva' in Canyonlands national park for several years. The draw of hiking through the desert, on a trail that is not on the map (although it turns out the actual trail is well cairned and easy to follow even at night), to an ancient site that is not entirely understood, and another chance to feel very humbled by history and nature was just too much to resist. After a bit of research, it seemed sunset would the most interesting time to visit. I stopped by the visitor center to ensure I had the correct information and set off through the desert during a late afternoon. There are several false trails that lead off the road in the general area and after exhausting pretty much all of them (which meant backtracking over 0.5 miles), I found myself staring out from a cliff face into the heart of Canyonlands national park from false kiva. It was an amazing experience made even better when the last rays of light for the day started hitting the few high clouds in the sky turning it into a very beautiful experience as well.

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Published: January 21, 2015

Eric SchuetteExplorer

I love adventure and exploring. Currently a school psychologist who tries to spend my free-time hiking, climbing, fishing, and celebrating with a good beer in Colorado. On Instagram @ericschuettephotography Cheers!!!

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