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Smoky Mexican beef tacos and chili lime corn over the campfire

How to create a delicious Mexican feast over a fire pit

By: Emily Hlaváč Green + Save to a List

No plates? No worries. Tacos and corn on the cob don't even need utensils to be enjoyed which makes them perfect for summer dinner outdoors.
You can swap out toppings or even turn this into a vegetarian feast, but the great thing is you can pack smartly and take only what you need, making it an ideal meal for backpack camping with minimal waste.
We made this dinner on a recent hike up the Hudson Valley, which you can read a little more about over here on Ports of Gold.

Ingredients (makes enough for 2-3 hungry hikers)

·    6-8 Corn or flour tortillas 

·       1 7oz tin Chipotle peppers in Adobo sauce (we used La Morena)

·       Small amount of lean beef (or sub with capsicum or beans for veggie)

·       ½ cup mayo (in a container enough to mix into)

·       2 tomatillos

·       1 avocado

·       2 limes (juice and zest)

·       3 cloves garlic

·       Coriander (optional) - if hiking wrap the ends in wet paper towels and pop in a plastic bag

·       2 large ears of corn

·       2 tsp chilli flakes or fresh chilli

·       2 tsp salt

·       2 TBsp butter

·       extra salt and pepper


·       Extra plastic Ziploc bag

·       Aluminum foil to wrap

·       Small sharp knife

·       Tongs

·       Spoon

·       Newspaper


Day before the campout: 

  1. Put lime zest, chili and salt into a small Ziploc bag and shake and pack. 
  2. Freeze meat to ensure that it stays fresh for the journey, pop inside Ziploc bag.

At the camp: 

  1. Slice beef (or capsicum) into generous strips and put into Ziploc bag along with finely chopped garlic, a sprinkle of salt and pepper and tin of Chipotle Adobe peppers, leaving 2-3 TBsp for the mayo. Mix and massage into the meat and leave for 1-2 hours. 
  2. To make the Chipotle Mayo: Stir the remaining Chipotle Adobe sauce through the mayo to mix. 
  3. Stir the softened butter through the lime chili salt mix, reserving a little mix to sprinkle on later. 
  4. De-husk corn and spread the butter mixture over the corn, wrap in aluminum foil and pop over the fire grill. 
  5. Slice tomatillos and halve limes and place over fire grill. 
  6. Check the corn, when butter is melted you can get ready to pop the beef over the fire, along with the tortillas just around cooler part of the fire. 
  7. Turn beef, tomatillos and tortillas to cook through and when ready take beef off the fire and slice thinly. 
  8. To serve: Sprinkle a little extra chilli lime salt over the corn packages. And build your own tacos with the beef, tomatillos, chipotle mayo, sliced avocado, squeeze of lime, garnishing with generous handful of torn or chopped coriander. 

Feeling fancy? Find another use for your chipotle mayo, make this with my Crispy Camp Polenta Fries

By Emily Hlavac Green

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