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Utah's Midway Ice Castles Are Simply Cool, and Not Just the Temperature!

The cold never bothered us anyway!

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Just as we were getting tired of the brutally frigid temperatures in Utah lately, Midway Ice Castles invited us to a first look at this year's frozen winter paradise, which until now, we had never been to before! To be honest, it was way cooler than we expected, and not just temperature wise! Really a quite magical and enchanting place to experience with the family. So fun that... "The cold never bothered [us] anyway!" ❄️

Sarah and our niece in frozen paradise! Edward Arthur Dalton

If you haven't already been to an Ice Castle location, you have likely seen pictures of them floating around social media. They are hard to miss because of how extraordinary they look! My wanderlust was peaked when I first saw pictures of the magical looking frozen paradise and I couldn't wait to go experience it myself. 

Midway Utah Ice CastlesThe Dream Chasing Family

Honestly we didn't know what to expect, other than some beautiful ice formations, which was reason enough alone for us to go. However, it turns out this was only the "tip of the iceberg" so to speak. Once inside, it seemed as though we stepped outside reality as we became surrounded by towering illuminated ice walls. The sounds of peaceful music playing from their walls made if feel like a good dream. 

Ice Castle Fire DancersThe Dream Chasing Family

Fire dancers juggled to the music and water fountains shot high above our heads as we weaved our way through frozen tunnels and down slippery ice slides. Fireworks screamed across the sky as we sat next to a crackling fire drinking hot chocolate. By the end of the night, I couldn't decide who loved it more, the kids or myself?

❄️❤️ | Edward Arthur Dalton

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