20 Photos from 20 Days Road Trippin' Through the Northwest


Dusty Klein

From Idaho to Wyoming to Montana to Washington, here are 20 of my favorite shots from 20 days of road trippin'.

The Set Up

At the beginning of October I found myself in an unfamiliar situation. I had just left my cush corporate job of four years, split up with my girlfriend of ten, and moved all of my belongings back into my childhood room in Oregon. Essentially unemployed, homeless, and single, I no longer had that comfort I once relied on.

I had three weeks before any responsibilities back home so instead of waiting around for something to happen, I hopped in the truck and headed for the mountains.

The Trip

I didn't have any specific goals in mind for this road trip other than seeing new places, meeting new faces, and finding some fall colors along the way. I had a super rough outline of places I wanted to hit but went in with a mindset that I'd go with the flow and follow the best possible story. 

Major stops on the trip included the Sawtooths, Tetons, and Glacier and Yellowstone National Parks. It was the small towns in between the destinations that made the roadie memorable, however. A power outage and subsequent jam session at a coffee shop in Whitefish, an Oktoberfest beer stein holding competition in Republic, cheers-ing Travis Rice at a ski film premiere afterparty in Bozeman, and a chance encounter with an old friend in Winthrop are a few examples of being in the right place at the right time and the universe letting me know I was right where I needed to be.

The Photos

In no particular order, here are 20 of my favorite photographs from my 3,000 mile road trip throughout the northwest. Thank you to everyone for the support, recommendations, and kind words along the way. It sincerely means the world to me. See you on the road!

Published: October 24, 2017

Dusty KleinExplorer

Oregon born, Idaho forged. Dusty is a weekend-warrior turned freelance photographer with a passion and respect for the mountains. @dustykleiner

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