9 Great Traveling Tips for Every Adventurous Student to Follow

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Real adventurous students will have fun while traveling.

I always thought that I was not the one for adventures. I spent my first year at college studying and reading books. Yup! Then I met someone – an adventurous spirit who changed my worldview. Suddenly, I discovered this fun explorer within me. I was a beginner at this, so I didn’t really know how to “organize” adventures. I thought you just went with the flow. But that’s not how it works.

Throughout my experiences, I identified 9 traveling tips that each student should follow.

1. You Want to See a Place? Do It Now; Not Later!

When you have a goal with no deadline, such as “explore Dublin” procrastination kicks in. You think there’s plenty of time for you to reach that goal, so you simply postpone it until… never. Don’t procrastinate your trips!

When you have an idea for one, start planning right away. Plan your budget, too! With detailed planning, you’ll be able to go through many adventures throughout your years as a student.

2. Always Do Your Research

After one year, the relationship with the great person I mentioned above ended. So I decided to travel alone, and I choose a great destination for my summer trip: Provence. But I didn’t make a plan, and that was a huge mistake.

I ended up spending my days walking around lovely towns, but I didn’t get to see as much as I should have. Take my advice on this: do your research and always make a plan for the things you want to do and places you want to see during your trip!

3. Write!
Let’s face it: photographs capture the form; not the essence of your trip. The thoughts and emotions you experience each day are unique. If you don’t write them down, you’ll soon be left with reminiscent impressions of them.

Your blog or personal diary will serve as a lifelong reminder of all adventures you go through. If you’re not that great at writing, you can ask for help from essaygeeks.co.uk at first. They will turn your instructions into great content. At one point or another, you’ll be ready to do your own writing.

4. Adopt Minimalism as a Lifestyle

Minimalism is the philosophy of less is more. Think about it: when you pack light, your trips become much simpler. When you eat simple, you don’t spend too much money. When you’re satisfied with modest accommodation, you’re able to spend more time exploring a particular destination. In other words, minimalism maximizes your experience!

5. Save Your Money

As a student, you must save as much money as possible for each trip. For me, it meant sleeping in hostels and eating street food, but it also meant less partying time when I was at home. I started cooking my own food and buying less stuff.

Saving money is not rocket science. However, it does take some sacrifice.

6. Learn How to Deal with Jet Lag

Jet lag makes you waste a lot of time you could use for exploring. But you can beat it! Start by adjusting your sleep times a week before leaving. Depending on the local time of your destination, start going to bed one hour earlier or later each day. By the time you get on the plane, you’ll be ready for your new sleeping schedule.

7. Learn from Your Trips!

Each adventure has a valuable lesson to teach. When you camp, you can learn about the Earth, the stars, and the entire Universe. When you visit a foreign city, you must see a museum and learn about the history of that country. You should try local food and observe the culture. Adventures will make you a brighter, more enlightened person only when you use the learning opportunity.

8. Share Your Adventures on Instagram

It’s a great way to make connections and establish the status of a cool person. Don’t spam people with too many photos and stories, but do share important moments of your trips! Instagram can serve as your traveling photo journal.

9. Don’t Neglect School

I thought about getting a year off or even putting off graduation until… indefinite. After a long and insightful conversation with my parents, they convinced me it was the wrong thing to do. I had my life in front of me. Traveling will always be an option.

Don’t let your adventurous spirit affect your education. If you don’t want a degree, that’s okay. But if you’re already a student and you’re investing tons of money on education, don’t take it for granted. It should be your focus. There’s plenty of time for adventure during vacation time.

Now is your time to travel and explore! Are you ready to use it in the best way possible?

We want to acknowledge and thank the past, present, and future generations of all Native Nations and Indigenous Peoples whose ancestral lands we travel, explore, and play on. Always practice Leave No Trace ethics on your adventures and follow local regulations. Please explore responsibly!

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