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Sweet Protection Bushwhacker II MIPS Helmet Reivew

Multiple adjustments make the Sweet Protection Bushwhacker II MIPS helmet a perfect fit.

By: Chris Engelsman + Save to a List

In mountain biking, a helmet is the most critical piece of equipment in your kit besides your bike. You want a helmet that fits comfortably and securely, because nothing is worse than a nagging pain on your noggin during a ride.

The Sweet Protection Bushwhacker II MIPS helmet accomplishes the task of a comfortable fit with the added protection of MIPS. In case you are not aware of MIPS, it’s a Swedish technology that helps reduce the chance of concussions by decreasing rotational impacts. In biking falls, rotational impacts are more prevalent than direct impacts because you are typically hitting the ground at an angle as opposed to a lawn dart type fall.

Over the course of the fall, I used the Sweet Protection Bushwhacker II MIPS on my local trails in Park City, and the rocky trails of Moab. Out-of-the-box, the helmet fit well with no need to adjust the chin strap. The helmet comes in two sizes, M/Land L/XL. I’m a size 58 and according to their sizing chart, I opted for a M/L. At first, the shell felt a bit large and I had to adjust the pitch of the helmet. Once I made that adjustment, the helmet felt great and didn’t ride too low on my forehead. It also comes with a ton of adjustment pads (they call them Comfort Pads) to fine tune the fit. 

According to Sweet Protection, the Bushwhacker has their STACC Ventilation (Superficial Temporal Artery Cooling Channel) which is a front vent with an internal channel to move air through the helmet and escape via the exhaust vent. That’s a lot of big words to say that air moves through the helmet and keeps your head from overheating.

One more thing that Sweet Protection does, which is nice, is they offer a crash replacement discount. If you crash with one of their helmets, they offer a 40% discount on a new helmet – pretty sweet!

After multiple rides and many hours in the saddle wearing the Sweet Protection Bushwhacker II MIPS helmet, the only wish I have would be that it come in three sizes so that the shell fits better on medium sized heads. Other than that, this is a fantastic helmet that I’d recommend to any of my friends. 

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Bushwhacker II MIPS Helmet regularly $219.00 on sale $219.00

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