Review: Thermarest NeoAir UberLite Sleeping Pad

The Thermarest NeoAir UberLite sets the standard for ultralight sleeping pads.

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Ever wake up cranky due to a miserable night's sleep? Who hasn't! When you are out in the wild and camping under the stars, you want to get the best sleep possible so that you're not grumpy the next day. That's where Thermarest's NeoAir UberLite sleeping pad comes in. 

The Thermarest NeoAir UberLite sleeping pad is ultralight at only 250 grams for the regular size. That's just over a half of a pound for a sleeping pad that provides 2.5 inches of air cushioning with an insulation value of R-2.0. Plus, once it's rolled up, it's about the size of your favorite beverage in a can.

The exterior fabric of the NeoAir UberLite uses a 15D nylon, which helps achieve its feather-like weight. You will want to be somewhat careful of where you put your pad so that you don't puncture it. But, in case that happens, Thermarest includes a repair kit. I've used my NeoAir UberLite on multiple backpacking missions over the summer, and I haven't had a problem with punctures, but then again, I typically try and find the smooth places to sleep for the night. 

Why does a sleeping pad need to be insulated? Heat flows from warmer to cooler until there is no longer a temperature difference. So, if you are sleeping directly on a cold surface, the warmth of your body will flow to the cold surface. If you are sleeping directly on snow or ice, your temp will drop much faster than if you are on a warm sandy beach. An insulated sleeping pad like Thermarest's NeoAir UberLite has an R-value of 2.0, which helps minimize that transfer of heat and provides a more comfortable night's sleep. For context, a typical house will have an R-value anywhere from R-13 to R-23, depending on the climate. 

Due to the nature of the lightweight fabric and insulation, this pad sounds crinkly. It also takes a bit more time to deflate the pad when packing up camp. I appreciate this because it allows me to easily find my comfort level without losing all of the air and needing to re-inflate the pad. 

If you are looking for a lightweight sleeping pad that is insulated and provides a great night's sleep, look no further than the Thermarest NeoAir UberLite. Plus, it's made right here in the USA!

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