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Review: Nemo Equipment Tensor Ultralight Insulated Sleeping Pad

The quietest, insulated sleeping pad on the market!

By: Chris Engelsman + Save to a List

Sleeping pads are commonplace when backpacking to ensure a comfortable night's rest, but which one to use? Are they all the same? Not really. 

This past summer, I was able to use the Nemo Equipment Tensor sleeping pad. Since I'm 6'2", I chose their long/wide version. At 1 lb 8 oz for the long/wide insulated option, it's a few more ounces than the regular non-insulated version at 15 ounces. But, I like the larger size so that I don't roll off it in the middle of the night. 

I also opted for their insulated version to provide more warmth into the shoulder seasons of spring and fall. To create the insulation, they use two layers of suspended Thermal Mirror metalized film. Nemo Equipment doesn't provide an R-Value for the insulating rating of the Tensor sleeping pad, but it gives a nice insulated layer between you and the ground. The suspended film also creates a quieter sleeping pad when you roll over in the middle of the night compared to other brands. 

The exterior fabric is a 20D PU Polyester that is soft to the touch, which also helps make the Nemo Tensor a quieter sleeping pad. With 3 inches of baffling support, the Tensor smoothes out the uneven ground and provides an ultra-comfy sleep. 

One of the features that I like best is their micro-adjustable valve which is flush with the pad and comes with their Vortex pump sack. The Vortex pump sack makes it easier to inflate your pad and minimizes moisture entering the pad to ensure the highest insulation values. You can easily adjust the firmness of the Nemo Tensor with the micro-adjustable valve. Press the button to release small amounts of air to get your preferred feel. When you are ready to pack up, open the valve completely and air exits the pad quickly, making it easy to roll up and store in the stuff sack. 

The Nemo Equipment Tensor Ultralight Insulated sleeping pad is right for you if:

  1. You are looking for a quieter sleeping pad

  2. An insulated sleeping pad

  3. Micro-adjustable firmness

  4. An ultra-light sleeping pad

The Tensor will help you have a better night sleep under the stars in the great outdoors!

Check current prices and deals at REI, or other fine retailers. 

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