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HydraPak Stow 1L Flexible Bottle Review

The HydraPak Stow 1L (32 oz) is my go-to water bottle for winter activities!

By: Chris Engelsman + Save to a List

First off, let me say that I’m a huge fan of soft, collapsible bottles for activities. They are far superior to stainless bottles, plastic bottles, or anything that doesn’t collapse as your water volume decreases.  Why have an astronomical object in your pack with nothing in it?

I’ve used other BPA free soft bottles in the past but have had them lose their seal and leak – not the radest thing when you go for water, and it’s all gone! Then I found HydraPak’s Stow 1-liter flexible water bottle. I absolutely love this product. The Stow 1L (32 oz) holds enough water for a long day of pow surfing, splitboarding, or any outdoor activity, and drinking from the twist-lock lid is easy; twist and squeeze and refreshing water rushes into your mouth. As water leaves the soft bottle, it collapses on itself, taking up less room in your pack!

What about freezing, you may ask? Not a problem, I’ve used the HydraPak Stow 1L across the world, in Patagonia, the Tetons, and Norway and have never had a problem with the water bottle freezing in my pack. As a bonus, in the summer you can fill it up and throw it in your freezer to use as an ice block in your cooler!

The material of the HydraPak Stow 1L has a supple feel that can stretch if frozen, and tough enough to resist punctures from my poles when I stuff them in my pack. The only downside I can see is if you are a weight weenie. There are other soft bottle options on the market that weigh less, but in my humble opinion, you risk the possibility of leaks going that route.

Try one out for yourself you won’t be disappointed.

Get the gear:

HydraPak Stow Water Bottle - 32 fl.oz. | REI Co-op $17.00

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