Backpack the Wugong Mountains

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After climbing through bamboos and cedar forest, you would have great scenery of meadow on the sea of clouds on the top of the mountains.

Wugong Mountains (武功山) locate in Luxi xian, Pingxiang, JiangXi Province of China. The top of the mountains called Jinding(金顶) is 1900 meters high.

The start point is ShanShui outdoors club (山水户外驿站), located in Shenzicun (沈子村). The coordinates are 114º6'58"E, 27º27'15"N. 

Day 1 (takes about 6 hours)

Go along the only trail you will get to a stone bridge soon. Then walk along a wall on your left. After that, you will see some stone stages. That's the way we're going to follow.

About one-hour after departure normally, you will get to a small house selling food and water. Then you will need to go through a bamboo forest behind the house. After that, the cedar forest will be waiting for you. This part of climbing would be steep. There are several red tags instructing directions, binding on trees on your way. Follow them!

After coming out from the forest, you should see the top of the mountains. There is no fork ahead. Just climb! The first day should end at Jinding (金顶). Its coordinates are 114º10'25.52"E, 27º27'15"N

There might be strong wind on the top of mountains. So you need to find a flat and lower place to settle down.

Day 2 (takes about 6 hours)

After getting to the top of the mountains, the route would be quite clear. Walk along the ridge, straight forward, up and down, go through Diaomazhuang (吊马庄), (114º10'31"E, 27º27'59"), Juewangpo (绝望坡), and finally get to the next destination, Fayunjie (发云界), (114º11'53"E, 27º31'25"N). It will be the most important day for you to enjoy the scenery above. If you want to take more photos, you can spent one or two more days on the ridge.

Day 3 (takes about 4 hours)

Last day, just go back to Jingding (金顶) or Diaomazhuang (吊马庄) to take a cable car to go down.

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