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Tips To Prepare For Future Travel During COVID-19 Isolation

If you’re a travel lover like us, here are a few travel-related ideas about how you can make this time productive so that it will pay off later.

By: Chelsea Brinkley + Save to a List

Things are weird in so many ways because of this pandemic. While you may not be able to jump on a plane right now, there are some things you can do now to prepare for your future travels. Hear me out on this… you WILL be able to travel again. Not sure when, but it’ll come back.

If you’re a travel lover like us, here are a few travel-related ideas about how you can make this time productive so that it will pay off later.

Clean Your Suitcase!

I know I should do this more, but it’s one of those things that rarely happens. After beach trips, I always find sand in my suitcase despite my best effort to shake things out beforehand. 

So take the vacuum wand and clean out the inside of your suitcases and travel bags. Then clean the outside too! Just think of all the things the outside of your bag has touched (luggage area on planes, baggage claim carousels, the trunk of many taxis/ubers, etc...) and then where you put your bag at home and all that it touches. See? Gross! I know disinfectant wipes are like gold these days, but take just a couple (or make your own with bleach + water) and wipe it down. 

And this is why you shouldn’t place your luggage on your bed!

Organize Your Toiletry Bag and Stock up on Travel Items

Go through your toiletry bag and throw out anything old and empty bottles. Go ahead and refill any half-empty bottles with things you have on-hand like shampoo, body wash, etc... Then take an assessment of any toiletry items you need and either order them or pick it up on your next store run so you can have a fully stocked toiletry bag ready to go for your next trip.

I personally always keep my toiletry bag fully stocked so all I have to do is toss it in my bag when we’re going on a trip.

Also, go ahead and order anything else you would need for your trips to have it at the ready. Perhaps a neck pillow, compression bags, shower caps to put around your shoes so the bottoms don’t get your clothing dirty, or really anything that you’ve ever said, “I’d like to have that for my next trip.”

If you need any ideas for items to make your travels better, here is a post with some ideas.

Plan a Trip!

Planning trips takes a good chunk of time. When people hire me to plan their adventure trips, it’s usually because they either don’t have the time to do it or it’s something that’s overwhelming to them. Now more than ever, you may have more time on your hands so you can save the moolah and do it yourself right now.

You might not be able to book the flight just yet, BUT you can go ahead and figure out these things:

  • Where you want to go

  • Where you want to stay (your lodging options)

  • Activities and excursions you want to do

  • Places you want to eat/drink

TIP: make sure your passport is still valid. If not, take this opportunity to figure out what you need to do before this trip you’re wanting to take.

Budget for Future Travel

Every month, we put aside a little money intentionally into a separate savings account for our future travels. We also budget and save up for every trip we take beforehand. This way it’s fully paid for and more enjoyable. You can read more about exactly how we budget for our travels and the app we use all the time over here. 

Money may be tight right now, but if you’re able to go ahead and start saving up for your next trip, you will be so thankful you did down the road. Putting aside just a little bit each month really adds up and if you ever truly need it for any essentials you can get to it.

Do Something Fun With Your Travel Photos

If you’re anything like me, my entire camera roll (rather my Google Photos) is filled with photos I love. After our trips, I used to never know what to do with them. I mean, after sharing a few on social media they just lived on my phone and I wanted a way to display them in our home. 

Realistically, we don’t have enough wall space for each photo I love to be used (plus that gets pricey with frames), so we found a solution that works for us and now make softcover photo books of each of our trips through Artifact Uprising. So whether you want to make photo books, print photos and put them in frames, or do a scrapbook, brainstorm ideas of something fun you can do with all your travel photos and put it into action.

All photos courtesy of Chelsea Brinkley.

We want to acknowledge and thank the past, present, and future generations of all Native Nations and Indigenous Peoples whose ancestral lands we travel, explore, and play on. Always practice Leave No Trace ethics on your adventures and follow local regulations. Please explore responsibly!

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