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How To Plan A Ski Wedding

Dreaming of getting married on the slopes? Here are some top tips for planning a ski wedding this winter.

By: Cat Ekkelboom-White + Save to a List

Being a ski and snowboard instructor in a former life, and being one half of a completely ski-obsessed couple, I feel like being a ski wedding photographer was my calling. It's an absolute dream job. As someone who is happiest when it's snowing and who owns more pairs of ski boots than high heeled shoes, I completely get it. 

There's not much that can beat the feeling of getting married in the winter and hitting the slopes for a first run instead of a first dance (except perhaps a bluebird day with fresh powder on your wedding day), and if that sounds like your dream wedding too, then you might find these tips helpful.

1. Find The Perfect Resort

Planning a ski wedding can often mean planning a group skiing trip as well as a wedding day, and finding the perfect resort is the first step. Depending on your budget and your guest list, look for resorts that are easy to reach and offer plenty to keep both the skiers and non-skiers entertained.

2. Check Out The Marriage Laws

Where in the world do you want to get married? Different countries and different states all have different marriage laws. Before you make too many plans, it's worth checking out if you can get legally married on the mountain or whether you'll need to sign the paperwork back at home. Lots of couples choosing to get married in Europe opt for signing their paperwork at home and having a completely personalized ceremony on the mountain for their wedding day.

3. Research The Lift Situation

You'll not only need to research the lift situation but also consider this when you're planning your guest list. If you've found a venue on the mountain, how will you and your guests travel to it? I've seen couples use everything from ski-doo transfers to cable cars and skiing back down after the ceremony. Think about your oldest and youngest wedding party members here, too - might people with kids or older family members want to leave earlier? And what about your suppliers, too? Can they access the venue easily? Will you need to pay for overtime if they cannot leave when their booked hours are finished? Will you need to arrange extra transport down the mountain or is there an access road for taxis?

4. Research Where You'll Go For Pictures (And When)

First looks are really popular on a wedding day, but if your plan is to hit the slopes, you might want to save that until afterwards to avoid any risk of damaging your outfits before the ceremony. Look at which are the closest lifts to where you are having your ceremony and which are the closest runs. Plan a route that you'll take and leave plenty of time for stopping for pictures as well as lift lines. If you're not returning to the same venue, arrange for someone to transport the things that you don't need to the next location. If you don't have time on the wedding day for lots of pictures in the snow, book your photographer for a day-after shoot, too. And of course make sure your photographer is also a confident skier or boarder so they can keep up with you and get some great pictures!

5. Take Your Ski / Snowboard Boots To Your Fittings

The last thing anyone wants on a wedding day is a wardrobe malfunction, especially in the middle of a ski resort in winter. Make sure you try on your wedding outfits before your wedding day and test to see if you can move comfortably in them, including getting on and off lifts and getting in and out of your bindings. Also think about whether you're happy to hit the slopes without a helmet or if you'll need to plan a hairstyle that lets you put a lid on without messing up your do.


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