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Overwhelming Coastal California sea and plant-life in the Channel Islands National Park.

The numerous kelp forests, sea caves, and coves of the Channel Island National Park, coupled with its unbelievable sealife makes for some of the best diving in the world. 

East Fish Camp off Anacapa Island is an excellent introduction to diving on the Channel Islands, with an average depth of 35' and a great array of wildlife and underwater nooks and crannies to explore.

Like any coldwater, California Coastal diving, at all times current, surf, and surge is something to be aware of, as you move closer to shore the surge can push you up against rocks. 

In the area you can find the wreckage of the Equator, though all that remains are some beams now covered in urchin and marine life.

As always, plan your dive and dive your plan, and go with an experienced dive organization

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