Travel On: Western Freight Train

Windows down, racing the morning the light. The hot desert air billowed through my hair as the unexpected whistle of an American freight train pierced the landscape, barreling its way towards the Cajon Pass. The sunlight illuminated the American flag painted on the engine, an homage to adventurous spirit of the wild west, our country and the opportunity that awaits the courageous.

Desert Bound - California Hills at Dusk

I love freight trains. They remind me of my father and great uncle. Men who crossed the pond to America for their families, for their shot. These same men then spent their working years on those rails and made their American dreams a reality.

The San Bernardino Mountains towered in the distance, playing the role of protector and gatekeeper of secrets, gently guiding its companion along its way.

My destination: Joshua Tree and Twentynine Palms. Full of character, characters, antique trucks and all things desert chic.

Chic Desert Rides - Twentynine Palms

Chic Desert Rides - Twentynine Palms

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Published: December 9, 2017

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