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How to Find the Wild From the Comfort of Home

Social media accounts, books, podcasts and movies that will inspire your outdoor and indoor spirit

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OH MY! Our world has drastically changed. We are staying at home, socially isolating from our loved ones, wearing masks and gloves in public and continually overhearing political wars, social media rants, and so on. We are living in weird times. Many of us are struggling financially, are unemployed, are stuck at home, are struggling with depression or anxiety, and are trying to find healthy outlets to express our emotions and frustrations. Many of us have lost our access to the wild outdoors. Many of us have had to cancel big outdoor adventures and trips that we have been planning for months or even years.


How can we continue to find healthy outlets in the wild when we can’t escape into the wild?


For many of us, our access to the outdoors has become limited, as many local hiking trails, campgrounds, beaches, ski resorts, state parks, and National Parks have closed. We may not be able to bag our favorite peak or backcountry ski, but we can still appreciate the outdoors, just in a different way.


We can still go for a walk or run in the neighborhood, we can always ride our bikes around town, and we can still camp in our backyards. There are even some local trails open in many areas; we may have to do some research and digging to find them.


Even though I live in Mammoth and still have some access to the outdoors, I also find myself limited. I have chosen not to travel into the backcountry out of respect for SAR and our healthcare system, and I have stayed away from closed trails, parks, and recreational areas that I usually frequent.


I have been running more on paved roads in town, I have been taking my dog on long walks, I have been shooting more night photography, I have been cross-country skiing, and I have been paddleboarding on some of our local lakes.


And to be honest, I have been spending less time outdoors than I usually do because of this world pandemic. I have been learning to be still at home. I have been focusing more on my writing, my cooking, and I have even started baking bread and planting an herb garden. I have also been doing a lot of free virtual yoga from FlexandFlow.


While staying indoors, I have come across some pretty incredible social media accounts that have brought me joy, and have sparked my creative senses. Some of these are outdoor accounts that now promote hashtags such as #TheGreatIndoors, and some of these are everyday accounts that support indoor activities that can boost our mental health.



Erin Sullivan is a fantastic adventure photographer turned indoor miniature adventure photographer creating abstract adventures and landscapes from objects in her home. My mind is constantly blown away when I come across one of her new ideas.



Kristen Nelson is another incredible adventure photographer that has transformed her outdoor adventures into the #minioutdoors from the comfort of her home.


Since we are inside, it is a great time to explore all the outdoor adventure books for inspirational future planning. There are so many great publishers on Instagram who highlight newly published books, favorite reads, and old masterpieces. Follow your favorite publisher or author, even if it is not focused on adventuring in the outdoors. Reading is not only good for the mind, but it is also good for the soul.



Tammy Jones is an environmental lawyer by day and bread baker by night. This COVID-19 pandemic has turned many of us into bread bakers, including me. Tammy gives tips, tricks and insightful recipes on all things bread baking!



If you love cooking or baking or are looking to learn a new skill, Kate has a beautiful assortment of whole food recipes that are vegetarian or vegan.



Dr. Jane Goodall is a well-known environmental and animal activist with a great love for Chimpanzees. Her social media account is full of wise advice, heartfelt advocacy adventures, and education about our planet.



If you have been considering growing your veggie or herb garden during quarantine, this account has great advice on indoor and outdoor gardening tips. From soil, nutrients, sunlight, composting, water, and types of plants, Pete does a great job teaching anyone who wants to learn. I started my indoor herb garden from living herbs, purchased at the grocery store, and I use his advice regularly.



Although we may not be able to explore the wild as much as before, we can still use our creative minds to explore the mountains and valleys from our living room. Nikki Frumkin is a mountain artist that brings the vivid mountains to us through her beautiful artwork. She shares her backcountry adventures with brush strokes and watercolor.



Although our campgrounds may be close, Recreation.gov is still allowing us to dream up our favorite outdoor adventures. They have been posting stunning photos of wild animals in National Parks and beautiful wild landscapes around the United States.



We may not be able to move our bodies in the outdoors as much, but we can still exercise at home to stay in shape for our next big adventure. This account provides helpful exercise diagrams and workout plans to move your body.



Are you looking for new camp recipes? Now is a great time to practice cooking delicious camp recipes from your home, and this account is chalked full of recipe and food ideas for the front country and the backcountry.



Outdoor camping adventures that have turned into indoor and backyard camping adventures.



Outdoor adventurer and sponsored athlete, Rory has turned into a “Leading” home athlete. His account is chalked full of outdoor adventure puns from the inside of his home.



A fantastic outdoor gear brand that is using their platform to spread awareness and education about COVID-19 in relation to the outdoors.



There are also some great adventure podcasts that not only make me excited for the outdoors but also inspire me to be more kind to Mother Earth. Podcasts can be entertaining, informative, and educational. They are free to listen to and portable. And they can provide a great mental escape when you’re stuck inside:

  • Women on the Road
  • She Explores
  • Wild Ideas Worth Living
  • Almost There Podcast
  • SheVentures



For a list of my favorite outdoor adventure books, click here (previous blogpost)



  • Free Solo
  • Wild
  • Into the Wild
  • Highline
  • Meru
  • The Dawn Wall
  • The Call of the Wild

We want to acknowledge and thank the past, present, and future generations of all Native Nations and Indigenous Peoples whose ancestral lands we travel, explore, and play on. Always practice Leave No Trace ethics on your adventures and follow local regulations. Please explore responsibly!

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