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For A Time Like This - Backyard Wildlife Photography

A lot of us are missing our adventurous life-style right now as we shelter in place at home. While we cannot get out and do a lot of our usual outdoor activities, there is a lot of opportunity to enjoy the beauty in our backyards, neighborhoods and local trails. Grab a camera or your phone and get out and capture your local beauty!

By: Brynn Schmidt + Save to a List

This is a very unsettling and difficult time for so many of us.  Many have lost jobs, are stuck at home, or worse, have become sick with Covid-19 or have family/friends who have been affected. The majority of us have had to cancel trips and adventures and are stuck at home instead of out in nature doing what we love.  I am fortunate to work from home part time and have been focusing daily on the beauty that surrounds me right in my backyard. I wanted to encourage you all to do the same. I have changed my focus from outdoor activities and mountain/wilderness photography to photos of any beauty around me that I can find. It has changed my perspective and provided me with gratitude for each and every day.

Get out your camera or just your phone and capture the beauty around you in nature ( and yes, your pets totally count!). I am fortunate to live in an area where there is fox den behind our yard and lots of birds due to our numerous feeders. We even have a bear that hangs out in our yard over summer. He hasn’t shown up yet, so we can fortunately still have our feeders up. Even if you don’t have wildlife right in your yard, you can find it around your neighborhood or on your local trails that remain open. There are birds everywhere. I think that is why I am suddenly reading articles everywhere suggesting people take up bird watching. Who knew that would be an activity most recommended during this time. We haven't had many good sunsets lately (and I wouldn't know about the sunrises as I haven't had any motivation for those during this time) here in Boulder, but going out to an area near your house to social distance for sunset or sunrise is a great idea too. 

Here are some photos from my yard. I hope that you all are staying healthy and safe during this time. We will get back out there soon, but for now, I wanted to share a way to still enjoy the nature that is around us. I hope this motivates you to pick up a camera and start shooting. 

We want to acknowledge and thank the past, present, and future generations of all Native Nations and Indigenous Peoples whose ancestral lands we travel, explore, and play on. Always practice Leave No Trace ethics on your adventures and follow local regulations. Please explore responsibly!

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