Cachoeira Serra de Dois Irmaos (Saw of Two Brothers Waterfall), Vicosa, Brazil

Rate this Adventure 6 miles 100 ft gain  - Out-and-Back Trail

Added by Ian Frogley

This is a beautiful luscious hike through a truly indigenous area, alongside a tropical river, and ending in a breathtaking waterfall. Not for the faint of heart.

The trail is a little difficult to find. Leave the city of Vicosa on Av. Dr. Evilasio Torres. That street turns to R. Sao Jose, and then Estrada Boa Sorte when you enter a small town. The road splits at the town. Take the left fork onto a dirt road. It's highly recommended that you either have a native or a large group for this hike, due to occasional problems locals. The road will turn from a dirt road, to a trail along side the river, and then through the forest and a canyon. The scenery is worth the risk, plus you get a cool story to tell after. You'll hear the falls when you get close. There's a fence to duck underneath on the right side of the trail. Duck under and the falls are a short walk.Sounds like a bit of a trip, but trust me, this is something you'll be able to brag about to your friends. Not family friendly.

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