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A rounded bay in Bermuda perfect for swimming, kite-flying and relaxing on a summer day!

Horseshoe Bay, located in the southern part of Southampton Parish, has all that a great beach ought to offer - space to lounge on a blanket or chair, turquoise, tropical shores to swim in, and rock formations to climb and explore!  With a restaurant just feet from the water, it would be easy to spend the whole day here.  The water in all of Bermuda is a bit warmer than the typical USA shore, so it won't take any time to get used to water temperature as you go in for a dip. When entering the Bay area, you can turn to the right and find the Horseshoe Bay Cove.  This cove is a very small little beach that has tons of huge rock formations some feet into the water.  It's gorgeous for some family photos, or even a wedding!  But beware, on a windy day, you have some sand and pebbles blown into you, so check the weather first.  Be sure to not miss this unique feature of the bay during your relaxing visit to the beach!

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