The Most Relaxing Backpacking Trip I've Ever Taken with My Dog, Jack

Loch Leven Lakes, California, United States


Benjamin Canevari

A few weeks ago I took a solo trip to Loch Leven Lakes with Jack. It was such a good trip. Every now and then you have to remember how to get through some self motivation and organize your thoughts.

Jack and I started our hike to Loch Leven Lakes around 11am. Pushing yourself up a hill is much harder than going up it with your buddies. I had Jack with me, but he had just spent the last week swimming and playing up at Lake Britton. So he was totally fine with cruising and taking our time.

We got up to the lake around 3pm and I immediately found a spot to hang the hammock and took a nap. After the nap I set up camp and cooked dinner. I didn't bring anything to occupy my time, so I spent the whole evening sifting through all the thoughts going on inside my head. Jack and I played and swam in the lake. I took photos. It was a beautiful couple of days. It was the most relaxing backpacking trip I think I've ever taken!

The next morning I got up with the sun. Just watched the light come up and spread across the lake before grabbing my camera. I then made breakfast, packed up, and we hiked out. It took me over three hours to hike in and less than an hour to hike out. Gotta love those mountain hikes.

Published: August 8, 2017

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