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Life above the Clouds Isn't So Bad: Camping in Big Sur

There's a road just south of Plaskett Campground that will take you up, up, and up.

By: Benjamin Canevari + Save to a List

I met up with Luke at his place in Campbell. From there we jumped on the road and made our way south! The only way to get to this part of the coast was for us to follow 101 south and then go through Fort Liggett and out to the coast.

It was awesome getting to watch the scenery go from brown and dry, to more and more green as we got closer to the ocean.

I love California's coast. As I've said many times before...getting down by the water and looking up and down the coastline is always such a great feeling.

The road we were looking for is just south of the Plaskett campground. We followed the dirt road all the way up to the top of the hills overlooking the ocean. It took us through the blankets of fog and up to a clear blue sky and open vistas with stunning views. We had the whole place to ourselves. The only downside was that being up so high, we were directly exposed to the sun. Everything had turned brown and there was a ton of dead grass and fox tails all over. We had to be extra careful not to catch everything on fire. Not to mention keeping Jack fox tail free!

We didn't do much that first day other than find a place for camp and take photos. Oh, I did race my Jeep around on the dirt roads while Luke took photos. I hope he reads this because now I get to tell everybody he's being lazy and hasn't sent them to me yet! :p

We were planning on shooting the Milky Way, but it was a super bright moon and we both ended up crashing out really quickly. So none of that. But Jack made sure we got up with the sunrise. He's a firm believer in everybody witnessing the sunrise.

Of course, once Jack made sure we were up, he came back to bed...

Unfortunately I had to get back home so I could make it to work at five am the next day. I love Big Sur. I can't wait until I can get back there in the wet season. I would love to see it again when everything is green and lush!

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