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Some of the best surfing in Queensland. $17 Surf School for beginners. Chill beach for those not interested in surfing.

Located between Bundaberg and Gladstone on Queensland's Coast, Agnes Water is one of the best spots to learn how to surf but also a great spot for people of higher surfing skill levels to check out as well!  The drive to Agnes Water is a scenic one, winding through a lot of farmland and a view of some of the region's mountains in the distance.

The town itself is pretty small but everyone you meet is extremely friendly and the town's vibe is really awesome.  You should probably spend a couple of days here if you are travelling Australia, there are reasonably priced hostels and a campground in the town.  


If you are learning to surf, the local surf shop provides a 3 hour lesson and all the gear you need for $17 AUD (Agnes Water's sibling town is called 1770).   They'll guide you down to the main beach which can be accessed through the Southern part of the town and they will teach you how to safely ride the point break wave.  The school is called Reef2Beach and their motto is "Surf, Jam and Live in a Van!"  Really fun crew.


If you are more experienced, you can either bring your own board or rent from the local surf shop, $20 for the entire day to rent a board and wetsuit.  You can surf the same spot as beginners, there is parking right near the beach and it is a very short walk down.  If you get lost, talk to a local as they will have no problem pointing you in the right direction.  The wave at Agnes Water is a point break and rides to the right.  It's a fast wave that normally rides 50-150m.  If you can, check it out during the week as the water can get quite crowded on the weekends.   


If you are not a surfer, the beach at Agnes Water (the same spot you can surf) is a great spot to chill and catch a tan.  Their are bathrooms nearby beside the car park.  Prepare to chill here for a while, the Aussie sun combined with the breeze of the pacific is pretty amazing.

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