Green Infusion at Singhampton Caves in Ontario

There's something special about nature turning all green when spring comes. Do you feel it too? Do you see the world unfold?

They say colours have power. How about a little green therapy? Sometimes, even by looking at pictures of lush greenery, I start feeling fuelled with new energy and inspiration. 

As summer comes closer, I get in the mood of reminiscing about my past mini-adventures. I find pictures that never got published, notes that never turned into stories and memories that would always be here for me when I need it the most. 

Last summer, I went with my friend to Singhampton Caves, just 1.5 hour drive north of Toronto. We had a chance to see the cutest baby raccoons climbing a tree, explore moss-covered caves (open to the sky), enjoy a refreshing chill from moist carpet of liverworts and different species of fern on a super hot day, have lunch on the rock overlooking the entire Escarpment, and of course take tons of pictures as a reminder of time well spent. 

Now, I've compiled a series of pictures related to my so called Green Therapy. Enjoy and be infused with it.

Published: June 6, 2017

Always practice Leave No Trace ethics on your adventures and follow local regulations.

Alina Pavlova


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