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Want an exciting, family-friendly activity to do while visiting Juneau, Alaska? Look no further. Kayaking in the Mendenhall Glacier Recreation Area is one of the most beautiful outdoor activities you can do in this area. See lots of wildlife while appreciating this trademark Alaskan glacier!

Kayaking in the Mendenhall Glacier Recreation Area is an exciting and breath-taking experience. There are multiple ways in which to organize this fun activity: bring your own kayak, rent a kayak from town, or sign up for an on-shore excursion at one of the various booths within the city of Juneau. I recommend joining an excursion group because they can provide the proper equipment needed to stay dry and maximize your overall enjoyment of the experience. This adventure begins by setting your boat in the water on the shore and paddling across the channel and closer to the Glacier. Keep your eyes peeled for wildlife, many sea lions and bald eagles find their homes within this recreational area. If your lucky, you might even get a close up experience with some fun-loving seal lions (they remind me of puppies)!

Feel free to explore the area and make sure to save some energy when paddling against the wind. The best kayak to use is a two-person boat because it makes the paddling a little less strenuous. The best time to explore is on a clear day when clouds aren't covering the Mendenhall Glacier, but I can guarantee a fun time even if the glacier isn't visible.

For a great experience with a local travel agency I recommend checking out Alaska Travel Adventures: They provide easy access to the recreation area and facilitate every step of this incredible adventure!

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