Running 62 miles in the North Sierra of Oaxaca, Mexico

A mystic and magical 3 day trail running expedition with Eric Orton (Born to Run coach) in the north Sierra of Oaxaca, Mexico.

AL-02: SIERRA NORTE DE OAXACA from Aire Libre on Vimeo.

For our second big adventure named "AL-02: Sierra Norte de Oaxaca",  we ran +62miles in the Sierra Norte de Oaxaca, Mexico, in the Commonwealth of Villages. 

We chose this magical location because the Commonwealth of Villages are looking to develop as their main economic source eco-tourism, so that this translates into a better and sustainable development of the 8 communities that compose the Commonwealth of Villages. 

It was a three day epic trail running expedition, that we got to share with Eric Orton (Born to Run coach). The 8 towns are all connected by amazing trails. Several were commerce routs that from the Zapotec Civilization, you can actually find writings on some rocks. At a point you have to cross a bridge that was built by the Spanish conquistadors. You can also find trenches from the Mexican Revolution. On top of it all, the natural landscapes are mind blowing. 

One of the objectives of this adventure is to spread the word through the pictures and video we captured that you see here, to inspire and get people from all over the world interested in visiting Oaxaca and this amazing natural area, which would end up helping the towns in their eco-tourism project and local economy. 

Published: October 9, 2016

Always practice Leave No Trace ethics on your adventures and follow local regulations.

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