Swim to Turtle Cove

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Swim to a beautiful, secluded cove

Anguilla's beaches are arguably its most appealing feature. While the beaches aren't excessively crowded, the popular ones can get a bit noisy. Turtle Cove has a beach that is not too crowded, probably because all the land surrounding it is owned by Malliouhana. If you are not a guest at the Malliouhana, you may never even see Turtle Cove. 

To get to it, you have to start at the cove by the Blanchard's side of Malliouhana and swim northeast around the big rocks. We swam pretty wide to avoid getting slammed into the rocks by the waves. After the first rock, you will see a small beach, but if you keep going, you will arrive at Turtle Cove. It is pristine, with a small cave, and has waves ideal for bodysurfing. 


Stand Up Paddle



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