Explore Echos of the Past in Kolmanskop

In a remote coastal location across the vast Namib Desert in Western Namibia lies the deserted diamond town of Kolmanskop slowly sinking beneath the endless dunes of the Skeleton coast, creating some of the most amazingly unique & photogenic scenes

By: Adrien Patané
October 15, 2016

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Kolmanskop was a once bustling diamond town built on the fringe of the vast and never-ending Namib desert & Skeleton Coast of Namibia, what remains is a stunning, unique & temporal photographic world of contrast & light.

Wandering about empty and decrepit yet inviting buildings is a truly unique experience, everywhere you look the echos of the past remain from boiler rooms & rusty machinery to detailed patterns of curling wallpaper  

Kolmanskop's ghostly past
Nowhere else can you visibly see the temporal nature of human development, with the sands of the desert consuming a once bustling town

Scenes fit for an apocalyptic movie abound
Yet in some ways, time stands still here with the remnants of schools, churches & elaborate houses...

Detail, Color & Light intermingle in the most amazing way in Kolmanskop
Reflected light, contrasts & patterns create a spellbinding atmosphere

Surreal & fantastic scenery
Life as art so very much applies here...

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