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Hike the Sacred Steps of Bear Mountain

Vale, South Dakota

Bear Mountain or Mathó Pahá as it's called by the Lakota peoples, is the leftover remnants of an ancient volcanic plug.

222 Saves

Chillin at Darrington Bluegrass Festival

Darrington, Washington

Every year people from all over the world travel to Darrington WA to sit back, relax and listen to Bluegrass.

126 Saves

Explore the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary

Ramah, New Mexico

Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary is an incredible place that has 3 main focuses: rescue, sanctuary and care, and education.

123 Saves

Camp at Juniper Campground in Mount Diablo State Park

Walnut Creek, California

Mount Diablo's summit in Mount Diablo State Park rises to 3,848ft.  Juniper Campground in Mount Diablo State Park is set at approximately 3,000ft in elevation.

105 Saves

Camp at Mare Island Shoreline Heritage Preserve

Vallejo, California

This old Naval Base is now home to, well, almost nothing.

89 Saves

Hike Along Silver Creek

Bellevue, Idaho

From the intersection of Highways 75 and 20 drive east on Highway 20 for 7.3 miles. Turn right onto Kilpatrick Bridge Road and drive another 1.5 miles to the Silver Creek Preserve Visitor Center.

71 Saves

Hike through the Houston Arboretum and Nature Center

Houston, Texas

The Arboretum is a 155 acre nature sanctuary located within Memorial Park, about 6 miles from downtown Houston.

66 Saves

Participate in the Old North Canoe Program in Voyageurs National Park

Orr, Minnesota

Visiting Voyageurs National Park was the highlight of our summer last year.

5 Saves

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